Building a DeFi tool

DeFi stand for Decentralized financene and the challenge was real, as the topic was demanding and required a lot of specialised knowledge levelling.


The complexity lay in designing a flexible and intuitive user interface, and ensuring seamless compatibility with various protocols and exchanges. The main goal of the tool is to let user define a multi-step-strategy and calculate results based on DeFi data. It also allows to define own metrics and display multi-step strategies.

Briefly about the process


Through regular knowledge-sharing sessions, we managed to keep everyone on the same level of understanding of what the main objectives were.


We run a user journey mapping workshop, in order to define all the user steps, needs and pain-points. We also worked on identifing touch-points and oppoortunities for making a top noch experience for the user.

Working on the solution

We worked on developing a comprehensive solution that empowers users to define and execute multi-step strategies. A lot of efforts went into enabling seamless experience and presenting a comprehensive and logically correct process. We were committed to delivering a powerful tool that lets users navigate the dynamic world of DeFi with confidence and efficiency.


Flowcharts served as a valuable visual representation for our solution. We used this means to define the desired flows and identify potential obstacles and rabbit holes.


To enhance the UX of our solution, we focused on prototyping a seamless and intuitive interface that enables users to define multi-step strategies. Through the prototype, we aimed to provide users with a visually engaging and user-friendly platform. The prototype presented clear and concise steps guiding users through the process. By prioritizing the UX in our solution we delivered a powerful and accessible tool.


Designing a seamless user experience required thoughtful consideration of data visualization, interaction flows and vast knowledge from the stakeholders. Collaborating closely with othe ux designers and the domain experts was crucial in understanding the intricacies of the DeFi ecosystem and translating that knowledge into a user-centric design. Overcoming these challenges was both intellectually stimulating and rewarding, as it allowed us to dig deep into a comprehensive solution that empowers users to explore and strategize within the dynamic world of DeFi.

If you’re curious to see more, search for “Kasuria Composer” in the browser or directly on YouTube.


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