Hello, I’m Julia and I’m a Product Designer. Appaka is my space for sharing projects.

Product design | Research | Usability-testing

Designing for AI-powered solutions

Providing a dynamic and immersive experience that goes beyond traditional job interview preparation.

UX design | Facilitation | Research

Building a DeFi tool

Prototyping a solution allowing users to define a multi-step-strategy based on DeFi data.

Research | UX design

Shaping up SaaS solutions

Together with a team of experts I take care of improving product experiences of SaaS solutions.

Product design | Business

User-friendly paywall

Redesigning the paywall to improve metrics and visuals and make the process more user-friendly.

Facilitation | Product design

Design Sprint for a museum in Wolin

Workshops prepared and co-facilitated for one of the biggest open-air museums in Europe.

Research | Product design

Mobile app project for Animalis foundation

Mobile application for a Polish foundation taking care of stray cats and dogs. The app matches pets with foster or forever homes.

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