Designing for AI-powered solutions

Together with a team of experts, I designed an AI-powered interview practice tool available at the Talenthub Academy.

About the project

This solution provides a dynamic and immersive experience that goes beyond traditional job interview preparation. The tool supports job candidates seeking to practice potential interview questions.

After the user signs up to the platform, they are able to practice immediately. After providing job title and description the user gets a personalised list of potential interview questions, which simulate real-world scenarios and challenges relevant to the user’s role.

This innovative, user-centric solution empowers individuals in their journey towards interview success.

Clean and intuitive interface

The tool features a clean and intuitive interface, guiding users through the practice process. Clear instructions and straightforward navigation ensure a user-friendly experience.

AI-driven feedback engine

Users respond to the generated questions by providing written answers. The tool focuses on evaluating the content of the responses and their relevance to the job position. The AI engine analyses responses, providing constructive and personalised feedback. This includes, but isn’t limited to, insights into the effectiveness of communication, depth of content, and relevant examples of skills.

Continuous improvement

Users are encouraged to provide feedback on the AI-generated evaluations, contributing to a continuous improvement loop. This iterative process ensures that the AI model becomes more accurate and valuable over time.

Accessibility across devices

The tool is designed to be accessible across various devices, offering flexibility for users to practice written interviews at their convenience.


Our collaborative effort in designing this AI-powered interview practice tool marks a significant leap in revolutionising traditional job interview preparation.

This innovative solution offers an engaging and interactive journey that surpasses conventional methods of job interview readiness. Tailored to aid job seekers in honing their skills, the tool serves as a comprehensive platform for practicing a wide array of potential interview queries.

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